Anderson, Indiana


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The Mission of Anderson University

The mission of Anderson University is to educate for a life of faith and service in the church and society. Established and sustained within the free and open traditions of the Church of God, this university is committed to being a teaching-learning community of the highest order, engaged in the pursuit of truth from a Christian faith perspective. Through academic and Christian discovery, we intend to graduate people with a global perspective who are competent, caring, creative, generous individuals of character and potential. We will build those quality programs that will enable each member of the university to become stronger in body, mind, and spirit, to experience what it means to love God and neighbor, and to adopt Christ-like servant ways in all of life.

The Mission of the Department of Adult Studies

The mission of A.U.'s Department of Adult Studies is exactly the same as the university; to encourage growth not only through textbooks, but also to help students grow their faith.

The Department of Adult Studies is a unique component of Anderson University with a commitment to lifelong learning for individuals of all ages. Recognizing its distinct role in the mission of Anderson University, the Department of Adult Studies enhances the relationship between the university and the surrounding community by offering quality programs for personal enrichment and professional development. The mission is accomplished by promoting student learning and development through a supportive and encouraging environment created for the unique needs of the adult learner. This office maintains the highest quality of academic and social programming through a commitment to customer service as measured by student involvement, satisfaction, and retention.