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For further inquiries, please contact the Department of Adult Studies at (765) 641-4250 or email

How are things different for me at Anderson University since I am over 25?
AU has a special department for our adult students because they have different needs than traditional students.  Adult students are juggling work, family, church and social obligations in addition to school.  

AU offers special programing that is non-traditional for adult students with online or evening classes.  Some classes are 5 weeks long instead of semester long.  Even if you choose a traditional daytime major, you can have the option of taking some of your liberal arts coursework non-traditionally.  

What is the cost for Adult Students?
AU offers reduced tuition rates for adult students.  The cost is 66% less than traditional campus.  Tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year has been posted at $370 per credit hour, which is the same rate from last year.  The only exceptions are the 53 credits associated with the Nursing Major and the 12 credits associated with Student Teaching for Education majors.  (There is a one-time materials fee of $200 for students registering for non-traditional majors.)

What is student life like?
As a student at AU, you have the same privileges as all other students at Anderson University.  Activities through Student Life, athletic events, intramural sports, Kissinger Learning Center, Career Development Center, and the Kardatzke Wellness Center are all available for you.   We do not offer on campus housing to our adult students.

How do I apply?
There is an online application and a paper form.  We can send you an application packet in the mail or attach it to an email.  You can also apply online.  A checklist for the admission process is found inside the front cover of the application packet.

Here is what we need to complete the admissions process:

How will I know when I am accepted to AU?
Once the admission process is complete with the necessary documentation, your file will be reviewed for admission.  You will hear from us within 2 weeks regarding your admission status.  After you have been accepted to Anderson University, you may make an appointment to schedule classes.

What kind of scholarships or financial aid is available?
Because of the reduced tuition costs, there are no scholarships for adult students through Anderson University.  However, any scholarships you acquire outside of the University can be used toward your tuition.
After filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), you will be assigned to our Financial Services Advisor, Mary Trent. She can be contacted at or (765) 641-4563.

Will my credits transfer?
AU accepts credits from any regionally accredited college or university as long as a “C” or better was earned in a course of 100 level or above.

How will I know what it will take for me to graduate from AU?
Once you have completed the admission process, your transcripts will be evaluated.  An assessment counselor will meet with you by phone, online, or in person to discuss your degree plan and what you need to graduate.

I attended AU in the past and would like to take more classes, what do I need to do?
The readmission process is simple.  If you have not taken classes with in the last year, we need:

(* Admissions Counselor must request Business clearance and Student Life clearance before any student can be readmitted.)