Anderson, Indiana


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For additional inquiries, contact the Department of Adult Studies at (765) 641- 4250 or

How are things different for me at Anderson University since I am over 25?
AU has a special department for our adult students because they have different needs than traditional students. Adult students are juggling work, family, church and social obligations in addition to school.  

  • Special programming that is non-traditional for adult students with online or evening classes.
  • Some classes are 5 weeks long instead of semester long.
  • Even if you choose a traditional daytime major, you can have the option of taking some of your liberal arts coursework non-traditionally.  

What are campus benefits for students?

How do I apply?

Will my credits transfer?
AU accepts credits from any regionally accredited college or university as long as a “C” or better was earned in a course of 100 level or above.

I attended AU in the past and would like to take more classes, what do I need to do?
The readmission process is simple.  If you have not taken classes with in the last year, we need:

(* Admissions Counselor must request Business clearance and Student Life clearance before any student can be readmitted.)