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Graduation applications are to be completed and given to the DAS four to six months prior to your graduation date. If you are a graduate with a traditional major, your faculty advisor should complete a graduation application for you.

Latin Honors
A student earning an Anderson University cumulative grade point average of 3.7 and above will be graduated cum laude, 3.8 and above magna cum laude, 3.9 and above summa cum laude. Such honors are open only to students who have earned a minimum of 60 hours at Anderson University.

Conditional Grades and Transfer Credit
All "I" grades must be removed and all transfer credits must be to the office by April 1 (Nov. 1 for December graduates) of the year in which the student expects to graduate.

Name Changes
All name changes must be made official in the registrar's office by February 1 in order to have your name change to appear on your diploma.

GPA Requirement
A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required of students, overall and in the major. Your advisor has the right to refuse to recommend you for graduation based on necessary requirements not met or projected not to be met.

Financial Arrangements
To graduate, students must be in good standing with Anderson University and must have financial arrangements made with the business office.

Release of Diplomas
Diplomas for December and May graduates will be available at the May Commencement. Diplomas for August graduates will be available mid-September.