Anderson, Indiana

Graduate Profile

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Art and Design

Visual Communication Design

Ginger Dee Ludden
Owner, Giant Turtle
Adjunct Faculty (Visual Communications), Ivy Tech Community College
Co-Organizer, Indy Webcomics Group
Member, Indianapolis Illustrator’s Lunch

Graduated Spring 2003
Major: Visual Communication Design (formerly Graphic Design)

I’m a professional contractor, which means I work everywhere! I’ve had the pleasure to work in toys, fashion, and product development. My specialties are package design and production art.

AU’s design program isn’t there to teach you how to do these jobs or use the programs efficiently. Anyone can learn that. Instead, you’ll study the skills essential to the theoretic applications of our field. You’ll learn how to evaluate work and turn feedback into results.

Furthermore, check out this crazy: I’m an active member of a local comics group and illustrator’s lunch. I table at art fairs and comic conventions all over the Midwest. I organize events and lectures for laymen to learn about illustration, graphic design, and comics. I invite people I don’t even know into my house for open studio.

You wouldn’t guess, but I’m an introvert. I do all these things because community is now essential to my process. The number one lesson I took from the design program was this:

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

Thanks AU Department of Art+Design, you’ve finally made me unironically quote scripture. You knew you’d get me to do that someday, didn’t you?

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