Anderson, Indiana

Mission, Vision, Values

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Art and Design

Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission in the Art+Design Program
The Department of Art+Design commits to learning for an active and faithful life of stewardship through the visual arts.

Our Vision in the Art+Design Program
We see the Department of Art+Design at Anderson University becoming a regional center for the exploration, discovery, and realization of art, faith, and culture. Faculty and students work to understand and integrate practices of faith and practices of art so as to contribute new perspectives on their interrelation to communities of art and design, especially those in central Indiana.

We see that graduates of our programs are regarded for both their strong professional ability and personal integrity. Our studies aim to develop the whole person with concern for who they are, not just what they do. Therefore, we see graduates of our programs becoming collaborative leaders in many paths of life.

Our Core Values in the Art+Design Program
We recognize these core values are interwoven; our commitment to their inter-relation distinguishes our art+design program.

  • Integrity – We believe that our actions must embody our mission and vision which in turn promotes trust, and contributes to the health of the whole person.
  • Hospitality – We are deeply committed to cultivating a community which manifests freedom for individual voice and diverse ideas.
  • Inquiry – We actively embrace questioning and the creation of a free and open learning community that shares a sense of wonder at the world around us.
  • Creativity – We champion the courage to risk innovative thinking toward the benefit of a healthy world, and realize our connection to God.
  • Discipline – We are committed to practices that encourage creativity, faithful engagement, and self-motivation toward the realization of ideas.
  • Collaboration – We vigorously promote inclusion and participation welcoming diverse contributions and initiating shared opportunities for creative endeavors.
  • Service – We are steadfast stewards of our God-given gifts and devote ourselves to the service of community through everyday work.
  • Spirituality – We nurture an environment for the discovery of personal meaning and the unfolding of our interwoven journeys.