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Bradley McKinney

Bradley McKinney Bio
Brad McKinney, assistant professor of design and associate director of the Software Research Center, facilitates courses in the department's Foundation sequence, visual communication design major, and the individual thought and behavior component of the liberal arts curriculum.

McKinney's professional activities include design for print, web, and environment. His areas of professional interest include: user experience, identity and branding, interrelation of built-form and community, semiotics, Gestalt theory, education as the practice of freedom, critical pedagogy, internet programming, data visualization/communication, woodworking – furniture, roofing, process and reality, faith and service to church and society, making meaning and the design of everyday things, and total loss teaching.

McKinney earned his B.A. (honors) from Anderson University, and his M.Arch. from Ball State University.

Bradley McKinney has been at Anderson University since 2000.

Contact Brad:
Assistant Professor of Art
B.A., Anderson University;
M.Arch., Ball State University