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Kevin Rudynski Artist Statement

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Kevin Rudynski Artist Statement

I love to make prints! It's not about having multiple copies of my art. Rather, it's about the entire process from drawing an image on a lithography stone or a copper intaglio plate to printing the image on paper with a two-ton cast iron press. It is about the richly inked relief surfaces, the unexpected results of organic processes, the moment of anticipation as handmade paper is pulled from an inked plate, and the challenge of using very mechanical processes to make art. I experience it all anew with each image I create. I love to make beautiful images that are amazingly crafted and complex in surface detail, texture, and tone. Printmaking processes help me achieve these qualities in my art.

In nearly 30 years of making prints, I have been consistently interested in defying conventional representations of beauty. Whether making an image of a flower from nature as in Fruitful Desire (1983) or an image of my daughter Kayleigh as in Visitation (2009), I attempt to go beyond surface beauty to locate an inner beauty.

In the lithograph Visitation, the presentation of my daughter Kayleigh laying in a hospital bed becomes something both heroic and spiritual. In this lithograph I accentuated the natural granular texture of a lithography stone with crayon to emphasize the subtle and gentle surfaces of her skin and hair. I contrasted these surface textures with a dark and mysterious environment made with ambiguous ink washes which encapsulate her and an angel icon. Kayleigh’s gaze is fixed on the angel icon and as observers, we are left to contemplate the juxtaposition of her surface beauty as lovingly drawn with the mystery of her unknown inner thoughts. Perhaps our own thoughts are drawn away from her physical circumstances to one of considering her inner beauty?