Anderson, Indiana

Ken Ryden Artist Statement

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Ken Ryden Artist Statement

I spend a lot of creative energy incorporating sculptural form with landscape and architecture. I enjoy work that promotes a thought-provoking response while remaining accessible to the viewer. I value historical and archetypical foundations for my contemporary statements.

Over a considerable period of time I have been developing broad themes that have emerged into related series of works. Wonders of creation in nature contrasted with human achievement have fascinated me since I was a youth. Past and present cultures have revealed amazing feats of human potential. A series of works that I refer to as "GIANTS" allude to pinnacle points in civilization either in the past, present, or future. Truths revealed by past cultures inspire and relive in successive societies. My sculptural works referred to as "HARBINGERS" reflect a fascination with this phenomenon. They are symbolic, archetypical figures that step out of the past into the present while heading to the future.

A search for truth, enabled and nurtured by creative imagination and sensitivity to spiritual leading, guides my overall body of work. Mystery provides a basis for my questioning spirit. An engaged and open process reveals truths without dispelling the mystery. Sculptural form can reflect and make accessible content addressing a search for truth while at the same time placing an emphasis on the mysteries.