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Chris Witt

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Alumni: Chris Witt

When I was a student, I got the opportunity to go with a racing team to Myrtle Beach, document their experience at the track, and then make a segment for a statewide program on PBS called "Across Indiana," and our project got nominated for an Emmy®.

I also interned with a production house in Indianapolis. Through that internship, I got my first ESPN experience, working on what was then called the Great Outdoor Games. It was my first experience outside of Candles and Carols of nationally released programming, and it made me all the more excited about going to Los Angeles.

It's one thing to go to LA with a dream. It's another thing to go to LA with a dream and a professional track record of experiences. When you come from AU, you've already had those experiences. You've already worked nationally, shot internationally, and worked with clients.

In this business, teamwork, collaboration, and partnership are so important, because you rise with your peers and help each other to do better and go farther. Covenant Productions® and Anderson University encourage students to collaborate, to work together toward an end goal and make the most of what's in front of them. A lot of students challenge each other to take it to the next level, and that only helps when you get out there, because it's pretty competitive in this world.

One of the great things about AU are the professionals in residence. They're watching for what you're doing well and what you need to work on. You can continue your growth by being immersed in the business with people who are in the business. It's one-on-one, and it's amazing.

Chris Witt
BA 2003, Anderson University
Communication Arts major (audio/video/cinema production); writing minor
Film and video editor based in Los Angeles
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