Anderson, Indiana


Wed, 2012-04-25 00:21 -- computer-science

What our students and alumni say:

"My degree from Anderson University gave me the solid foundation in programming and mathematics that I needed to be successful in the video game industry. The subject matter of video games spans everything from fighting robots to farming simulation to tank warfare, making the broad liberal arts education that I received invaluable."
— Sam Bloomquist, Computer Science-Math Alumnus

"Design expresses my creative potential, while computer science allows me to execute that creativity in a technological way."
— Callie Conrad, Visual Communications Design/Complementary Computer Science Major

"What I love about being a complementary computer science major is that I can develop my interest in computer science while cultivating knowledge in music. The professors are always supportive of me, making the connections between computer science and my music business interests."
— David Ragsdale, Music Business/Complementary Computer Science Major

"The Anderson University Computer Science Department has been able to consistently deliver high-quality job candidates to interactive intelligence over the years. A significant part of the success of my department depends on the solid character, critical thinking, creative initiative, and confidence that the program builds in the students. My employees from Anderson University computer science program not only come with job skills for our current business needs but also have the flexibility and adaptability to become much more."
— Jim Ostrognai, Information Systems Alumus