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Alumni Info

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Alumni Info

“The Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures at AU is strong and diverse in both its professors and the opportunities it provides for students studying foreign languages. With majors in both French and Spanish, I worked in the department throughout my years at AU, building relationships with my professors and experiencing opportunities to practice my new languages in nonclassroom environments. Because of my involvement in the MFL department, I have had the amazing opportunity to study in both France and Spain. Five months after graduating, I am now an ESL teacher at an elementary school in South Korea.”
- Jacob Watson BA ’12

Some Highlights

  • A state-of-the-art computer language lab—complete with Internet access, CD/ROM drives, a big screen television, VCR and DVD player, and satellite programming from around the world—is available to students.
  • The department taps into central Indiana's growing Hispanic population with community service projects in schools, hospitals and businesses, allowing students to interact with native Spanish speakers.
  • AU is active in Alpha Mu Gamma (AMG), the national collegiate foreign language honor society. Five students have won AMG scholarships in as many years, and one student received the only national AMG scholarship for summer study at Laval University in Quebec.
  • Language opportunities are found on campus through foreign language chapel services, the Saturday Morning French Program, and Immersion Nights, which are social events where no English is spoken.
  • Recent AU graduates are employed as teachers in elementary and secondary schools throughout the United States and abroad. Others serve in a variety of agencies, business and medical enterprises, or in the mission field.

Unique Opportunities

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures is active in the Tri-S program. Foreign language students have participated in recent trips to France, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Span. French students have the opportunity to teach French to members of the community through the Saturday Morning French Program.

Graduate Schools

Ball State University
Duke Divinity School
Irvine School of Medicine
Loma Linda School of Medicine


Anderson University
Bantam Dell Publishing
Church of God Mission Board
Habitat For Humanity
Humboldt State University
Madison County Prosecutor's Office
Peace Corps
Random House, Inc.
Stanley Security Solutions
Teaching English as a Second Language in Japan
various school systems nationwide