Anderson, Indiana

Majors and Concentrations

Thu, 2013-01-17 09:26 -- univcomm

Global Studies Majors

The global studies major is an innovative opportunity for AU students to tailor their studies to fit our rapidly changing world. The Falls School of Business at AU also offers a global business major with concentrations in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. This major was designed for students desiring to be better prepared to work in the global business environment, whether they actually work beyond the United States or within its borders.

The university also offers an intercultural studies complementary major. This degree integrates methodologies and perspectives from such disciplines as cultural anthropology, sociology, religion, linguistics, and psychology. This course of study provides students with the knowledge and skills essential to living and working in an increasingly diverse and culturally connected world. The complementary major is designed to support a primary catalog major. Students with interests in such areas as business, health care, social work, teaching, ministry, missions, and community development can formulate a program of study designed to support their academic and career objectives.

Areas of Concentration

  • International Affairs and Human Security
  • Community Health: Food, Nurtrition and Hunger
  • Community Development: Focus on Economic and Social Growth
  • Culture: Focus on Humanities

For full requirements and course descriptions, please see the Anderson University Undergraduate Catalog.