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Alumni Info

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Alumni Info

“Getting through the AU Mathematics program was no easy task. The difficult classes required hard work and a determined attitude. Building on these characteristics throughout my time in the program prepared me to be a contributing member to the workforce upon graduation.”
- Ryan Black BA ’08

Some Highlights

  • The required number of hours for a mathematics major is small enough to permit students to pursue a second major in a related field and still graduate in four years.
  • Graduates have excellent success obtaining secondary teaching positions.
  • Students have completed internships with insurance companies and marketing firms.
  • The Mathematics - Economics major provides training for students interested in math, finance and business.
  • A strong relationship with the Computer Science Department encourages students to pursue work in both mathematics and computer science fields.

Unique Opportunities

Students have participated in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Undergraduate Research Program in Michigan and in a research program at the University of Washington.

Graduate Schools

Ball State University
Case Western Reserve University
Indiana University
Miami University (Ohio)
Ohio State University
Penn State University
Purdue University
University of Arizona
University of Colorado
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of North Dakota
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
University of Oregon
University of Tennessee


Alma College
Argonne National Laboratories
Asymetrix Corporation
The Boeing Company
BP Amoco
Case Western Reserve University
Ceres Group, Inc.
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Eastman Kodak Corporation
Eli Lilly and Company
General Electric
Indiana Department of Transportation
International Corporation
Lilly Industries
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mennonite Mutual Aid
Miami University (Ohio)
Milliman, USA
Nationwide Insurance Companies
Science Applications
Taylor University
University of Illinois at Urbana
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Utah State Government
various school systems nationwide