Anderson, Indiana


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ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC)

Anderson University School of Nursing strives to provide excellence in all areas of student instruction and preparation.  From entrance into the School of Nursing to graduation, every professor is invested in providing each student with a positive learning environment.

Graduation and success on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) ® are the ultimate goals of every nursing student.  One of many ways the School of Nursing assists students with these goals is the utilization throughout the nursing program of Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) ®.

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) ® is a comprehensive assessment and review program designed to support the nursing student in NCLEX ® preparation throughout their nursing education. The ATI program is divided into three phases:

  1. Entrance/Orientation
    a. Self - Assessment Inventory - This assessment will be given to sophomores during their first semester to assist students in identification of learning styles, critical-thinking skills, professional characteristics, work values, and more.

    b. A Critical Thinking Entrance Assessment
    This assessment will be given to sophomore students during the first semester of their sophomore year.  This assessment gives the student an opportunity to identify their level of critical thinking.
  2. Content Mastery Series – Throughout the sophomore, junior and senior years, ATI provides a wide variety of NCLEX®-preparation assessments in topics such as adult medical-surgical, fundamentals, nursing care of children, maternal newborn, mental health, pharmacology, community health, leadership/management, and nutrition. These assessments not only prime students for NCLEX success, but they also help them build a comprehensive nursing knowledge base.   Additional recourses and DVDs that support the nine different areas of content will also be given to students throughout their experience. Students have access to online videos, skills modules, and practice assessments to increase their knowledge base in nursing and prepare for NCLEX during each year of the nursing program.
  3. NCLEX Preparation/Exit – The final phase of the ATI® student experience includes a Comprehensive Predictor Assessment, Online Practice Comprehensive Assessments, a Critical Thinking Exit Assessment and Ready-SET-RN. Following graduation, the student has access to Virtual ATI® to continue study for NCLEX® including a one-on-one mentor for NCLEX® preparation. 

The cost of ATI is additional to the total cost of the nursing program. Payments are assessed each semester during the student’s experience beginning the sophomore year.