Anderson, Indiana

Pyxis® MedStation® System

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Pyxis® MedStation® System

Nursing students benefit from latest technology to improve patient care

Though the Pyxis® MedStation® System is found in hospitals across the country, it is rare to find such a system in a nursing school. Thanks to a generous donation by Community Hospital in Anderson, the School of Nursing at Anderson University is one of only a few nursing schools in the state of Indiana to feature a Pyxis® MedStation® System in its campus lab.

The addition of the Pyxis® MedStation® System to the AU School of Nursing fortifies an already strong nursing program at Anderson University. The School of Nursing at Anderson University is unique because it integrates a Christian perspective into its programs and the relationships among students, faculty, and staff. At Anderson University, the average student-to faculty ratio is 15 to1, and in the nursing major, the ratio is 11.5 to 1. These class sizes allow students to have small clinical groups and individualized instruction while in clinical settings — a necessary component for developing a good clinical practitioner.