Financial Aid

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Financial Information

While it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to pay for tuition, there are many options available:
  • Direct payment in full to Anderson University
    Payment may be mailed in the envelope provided with the bill to: Anderson University Lockbox D, P.O. Box 11588, Fort Wayne, IN 46859-1588, or delivered in person at the cashier’s window in the lower level of Decker Hall. Electronic payment is available online at Service fees apply.
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan with Tuition Management Systems
    Anderson University has made arrangements through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to provide an interest-free monthly payment plan. You may enroll by calling TMS directly at (800) 722-4867 or by visiting the TMS Web site at TMS will bill you monthly and forward your payment to Anderson University.
  • Federal Stafford Loan
    You may choose to finance some or all of the amount due to Anderson University over a longer period of time by using a Federal Stafford Loan. To be eligible, the student must be fully admitted to the program. Students must also complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at You must also contact Student Financial Services (see contact information below). See the brochures in this packet for more information.
  • Employer Benefit
    Make arrangements with the appropriate office within your place of employment. In most cases, the students will need the invoice billing for the amount due. Some employers will issue a voucher to be delivered to Anderson University. Deliver or mail the voucher to the Office of Student Financial Services (see contact information below), where it will be processed. The business office will bill your employer.

    It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of the tuition payment plan of their employer and to manage it according to employer policy.

    In some cases, the employer will pay the student after the course has been completed. Many students choose to use the Stafford Loan option to cover the bill until they receive the reimbursement from their employer. To learn more, see the contact information below for the Office of Student Financial Services.

For any financial aid questions, contact Nelda Ely phone: (765) 641-4368 or (800) 421-1026, e-mail:, or mail: Student Financial Services, Anderson University, 1100 East Fifth Street, Anderson, IN 46012.