Anderson, Indiana

SimMan and St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital Center for Clinical Excellence

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SimMan® and St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital Center for Clinical Excellence

SimMan® is a portable, advanced patient simulator for training in teaching facilities. SimMan® has realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, providing highly realistic patient simulation training experiences for the practice of medical teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

SimMan® provides simulation-based education to challenge and test students’ clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios. When using SimMan® in the clinical classroom, faculty may use one of the mannequin’s many preprogrammed case studies or they can create their own scenario.

SimMan® features a patented airway system that allows for accurate simulation of all relevant and difficult airway management scenarios. The bronchial tree is anatomically accurate in size, color, and texture and features the accurate anatomical landmarks necessary to facilitate realistic fiberoptic bronchoscopy. SimMan® can also simulate bleeding at multiple sites. Faculty can take advantage of preprogrammed pharmacological responses for more than 108 drugs. No matter what the scenario, the simulator provides immediate, detailed feedback on performance to learners.

St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital Center for Clinical Excellence and its SimMan® fortify an already strong nursing program at Anderson University. The School of Nursing at Anderson University is unique from other nursing programs, because it integrates a Christian perspective into its programs and the relationships among students, faculty, and staff. Small class sizes allow students to have individualized instruction while in the clinical settings — a necessary component for developing a strong clinical practitioner.