Anderson, Indiana


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"AU's School of Nursing provided a place for me to learn the science and art of nursing — how to care for a person's body, mind, and heart...not solely how to treat symptoms. I very much appreciate the unique curriculum and cherish the opportunity to build relationships with faculty and peers. In the AUSON, one is challenged to be a leader in nursing — and is well-prepared to do so!"

- Natalie Werking, 2006 B.S.N. Graduate; RN, BSN, Henry County Hospital, New Castle, IN

"The Anderson University School of Nursing has an excellent program that encompasses providing students with a solid and integrated foundation of principles that are both academic and spiritual in nature. Not only did I feel prepared to be propelled into the world of nursing as a new graduate, but I had the opportunity to build strong relationships with peers and professors that have allowed me to grow both as an educated person and as a being filled with compassion and love for others."

- Amy Rust, 2009 B.S.N. Graduate; R.N. at Community North in Indiana

"Anderson University Nursing Program not only set me up for a rewarding career but it impacted my world view in a positive way.  AUSON is a great choice if you are looking for excellent education and close relationships with faculty. I am now working as ICU staff and charge nurse in Pennsylvania and pursuing my M.S.N."

- Jacklyn Newell, 2006 B.S.N. Graduate; RN  in ICU at Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersbrg, Penn. 

"The School of Nursing helped me to learn how to think like a servant within the health care system.  This ideal sets AU grads apart from others, because it allows us to see the needs of a person or population, and think about how we can best go about meeting those needs."

- Stephanie Douglass, 2006 B.S.N. Graduate; Indiana State Department of Health