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Involvement Opportunities

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Involvement Opportunities

PACT was founded by an endowment established in 1997 through the vision of Maurice and Dondeena Caldwell. The endowment recently reached $900 thousand of its $1 million goal, making it the fastest-growing endowment at AU.

Current Opportunities:

  • Peace and Conflict Transformation minor, which is designed as an interdisciplinary engagement with the broad array of issues involved in peace and conflict transformation.
  • Hosting author Elizabeth Royte as PACT Convocation speaker on April 17. Visit CreativeWell for more information.
  • PACT Coffeehouse on March 18 in Mocha Joe's with live music. Students involved in PACT will share their their experiences at conferences and events.
  • PACT-sponsored student attendance at Green Festival in Chicago, May 17-18.
  • Student Peace Initiative (SPI), a student activism group which exists to promote peace through proper reflection and action.

Past events

PACT has also sponsored numerous events and organizations in its 10-year history including:
  • The planting of the Peace Tree in the valley in October 2006.
  • Hosting discussions sessions such as an interfaith dialogue.
  • Bringing Jim Wallis, Colman McCarthy, Sister Helen Prejean and other prominent speakers to campus.
  • Sponsoring students to attend conferences, rallies and other events.