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Why Choose AU for Physical Sciences and Engineering?

Wed, 2013-01-30 16:01 -- univcomm

Why Choose AU for Physical Sciences and Engineering?

Students get to know faculty on a personal level. Faculty often become spiritual mentors as students seek to mature in their faith. Dr. Wallace regularly engages students on a spiritual level, including providing pre-marital counseling for engaged couples in the department. Faculty regularly host cookouts and celebrations in their homes during the year.

Small class sizes. Typical advanced courses have enrollments of fewer than 10 students. This allows students access to and experience on advanced scientific instrumentation — experience that is often reserved for graduate-level students at other institutions.

Teaching for deeper understanding. Faculty motivation in the classroom is to teach students how to think about and solve complex problems, not just memorize facts and equations.

Research opportunities. Students get involved in research early on in their education and leave well-prepared for whatever career path they desire. For example, students currently work with Dr. Millis on projects in very high-energy astrophysics as part of the VERITAS collaboration.