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About Political Science

Curriculum Model

The political science program offers two majors, each of which is designed to transform students with an interest in or concern for politics into graduates who can understand, evaluate, manage, and shape political events and governmental actions in a manner consistent with a Christian faith perspective.

Why Study Political Science at Anderson?

  • Curriculum Model. We have a uniquely designed curriculum, one that begins with the end in mind: your career. We help you identify things you can do in college that will develop your knowledge, skills, experience, network, and personal brand—all of which provide you with a wider range of career options.
  • Activism marked by grace. Our program is structured to challenge your political beliefs, so you think more holistically about the issues we face and take the interests of others into consideration. You’ll be encouraged to participate actively and knowledgeably in the political process, while making sure your activism is marked by grace, hope, compassion, and respect for one another and those in authority. This atmosphere for free and open inquiry is the essence of the Anderson University story.
  • Small classes. The largest class we teach enrolls around 30 students. Many of our upper-division courses for majors enroll between 10 and 15 students. Small classes permit more interaction with your peers, greater individual attention from your professors, and more feedback on your work.
  • Student-Faculty contact. We schedule 10 office hours per week to meet with you and your peers. You can stop by regularly for help with your coursework, academic advising, to discuss career-oriented opportunities, or just to talk about politics.