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Political Science Graduate

Ever wonder what you can do with a degree in political science? Will you even be able to get a job after you graduate? Not only does the national data show political science to be a good career choice, but our graduates also have an excellent placement record.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • The employment rate among our graduates over the past five years is outstanding.
    • 44% enrolled in a law or graduate degree program.
    • 100% of graduates not enrolled in a law or graduate degree program are employed. Of those, only two people are working in the retail or food service industries.
  • The average starting salary in 2014 for new graduates with a degree in Political Science is $41,600. The median mid-career salaries for Political Science majors is twice that amount.
  • The New York Times recently reported that political science majors have a pay advantage over most other majors in normal economic times—an advantage that's even greater during a recession.
  • Political Science majors from our program and from colleges across the U.S. get jobs in a variety of industries, including government, politics, non-profits, and business.
  • Our majors have 93% acceptance rate to law school, a figure that is significantly higher than the national average.

Our curriculum model is designed with your career in mind. Professional development begins in Introduction to Politics and continues across the curriculum, culminating in Senior Seminar. Along the way, you’ll develop the knowledge, skills, experience, network, and personal brand that will make you attractive to employers.

The bottom line: Majoring in political science is an excellent starting point on an exciting, dynamic career path.

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