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Off-Campus Study

Tue, 2014-07-15 11:42 -- political science

Off-Campus Study

Participating in an off-campus study program is an excellent way to enrich your undergraduate studies. Through hands-on research, cultural immersion, and foreign language training, you can develop skills helpful to your career and have the experience of a lifetime.

Off-campus study may be on a different continent, but it may be in Washington, DC or somewhere else in the United States. Your options range from one-week trips during the school year, month-long programs in the summer, or an entire semester off-campus.

Opportunities to Consider

  • Tri-S provides short-term international and cross-cultural learning opportunities throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Many trips are service-oriented and feature a work or ministry project while others are primarily cultural or academic. But regardless of the location or purpose, you should try to participate frequently in the Tri-S program. Trips are scheduled over Christmas break, spring break, and May term. Check here for a list of destinations, dates, and prices.
  • The American Studies Program combines coursework in public policy or global development with an internship in Washington, DC. You’ll live 8 blocks from the Capitol building, gain real-world experience on an internship in your chosen field, and develop your ability to think about national and international issues from a Christian faith perspective. The program is offered each fall and spring semester and is open to juniors and seniors. Watch what one of our majors has to say about the program.
  • The Middle East Studies Program involves Arabic language training and courses in the history, culture, and politics of the Middle East. You’ll travel throughout the region and hear from a range of speakers who will challenge your thinking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The program is offered each fall and spring semester and is open to juniors and seniors. Watch what one of our majors has to say about the program.
  • There are two Oxford Programs, a month-long summer program and a semester program. Both are academically challenging and make use of tutorials—one-on-one sessions with a professor in which you have to defend your beliefs and support your positions. If you're interested in graduate or law school, you should consider one of these programs.
  • Summer Language Training. Developing your ability in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Persian, or another critical or “hard-target” language is excellent preparation for careers in intelligence, diplomacy, defense, and global business. Many excellent summer intensive language training programs are available. Begin the application process early as many programs are quite competitive.

Additional options for off-campus study can be found at BestSemester and AU’s Endorsed Study Abroad programs.

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