Anderson, Indiana

Pre-Seminary Alumni - Daniel Kihm

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Pre-Seminary Alumni - Daniel Kihm

When I was considering Anderson University as a college option, I was enticed by the wide array of majors, including Biblical Studies. My decision was made once I set foot on campus and saw the natural beauty of the trees and the Valley, and felt the warmth and friendliness of the students and staff.

I had a double-major in Christian Ministries and Bible/Religion. Both these majors proved very beneficial for seminary studies, as well as for pastoral development and preparation.

Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I continually ran into challenging questions that I felt inadequate to answer. In a moment of pure honesty, I realized that I would be more effective in ministry if I took additional time to consider these questions. After seeking his advice, my advisor, Dr. Shively, strongly encouraged me to consider seminary.

Through the variety of classes my two majors required, I was very well prepared for seminary. Essentially my double-majors comprised an undergraduate version of a Master of Divinity. Once in seminary, I felt like I had a head-start over many of my peers who came from different backgrounds.

In seminary, the faculty and student body of the AU School of Theology provided a perfect atmosphere to explore and deepen my faith, while critically examining and challenging my faith scholastically. I was always invited into professors' offices to discuss both pastoral and academic concerns. The examples demonstrated in and out of the classroom have helped shape my identity of what a "pastor" is and does.

Since 2005, I have been serving as the senior pastor of Maple Grove Church of God in Anderson. Additionally, I serve as the chairperson for the Church of God Peace Fellowship, an international network of Church of God laity and clergy committed to pursuing peace and justice.

Daniel Kihm
BA 2003, Anderson University
Double-major in Christian Ministries and Bible/Religion
MDiv 2007, Anderson University School of Theology