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Pre-Seminary Alumni - Hannah Ingram

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Pre-Seminary Alumni - Hannah Ingram

I was considering studying either education and/or ministry. I saw Anderson University as both a place where I could explore an interest in ministry and religion and gain a strong liberal arts education. AU seemed to encourage spiritual life in a more freeing way than other Christian universities.

I always had an interest in teaching, so it made sense to me to hold on to that passion for teaching and continue studying religion and theology so that I could then teach in that field. Seminary was a good next step for me because it offered a theological studies degree, rather than going to a different type of program that would only offer a degree in the broader field of religion. All of the professors in the Department of Religious Studies were supportive of my goals, advising me on different programs and writing recommendation letters on my behalf.

I am pursuing a Master of Theological Studies degree at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. I hope to pursue a PhD and teach at a university level, hopefully at a liberal arts university much like AU.

Seminary is not only for people looking to pursue professional ministry; it can also be useful for further academic study of theology and its related disciplines. However, I strongly recommend a seminary degree for anyone who is interested in pursuing professional ministry. I have seen it better equip my colleagues for their lives leading congregations and ministries. Nurturing and cultivating the spiritual lives of other people is a serious responsibility, and seminary programs provide invaluable practice and work that empowers someone to take on this task.

Hannah Ingram
BA 2009, Anderson University
Double-major in Christian Ministries and Bible/Religion
Current student, Candler School of Theology, Emory University