Anderson, Indiana

Pre-Seminary Alumni - Xen Riggs

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Pre-Seminary Alumni - Xen Riggs

My parents went to school at Anderson University, and I attended the Church of God campmeeting in Anderson every year as I was growing up. I sensed God calling me to attend AU.

My undergraduate Philosophy of Worship and Music Ministry Methods courses proved very foundational. My education courses as well as my faith and human development courses granted me an understanding of the individuals I am called to guide as a minister.

Seminary has continued the process of forming me into an individual with the spiritual maturity and ministry skills to become the pastor God has called me to be. Much of what I am now learning in seminary is building upon what my Christian ministries professors taught me. My music professors also helped me to form a foundation for my own worship-oriented perspective as I have continued my studies.

I am pursuing a Master of Divinity degree and hope to serve as a pastor or a worship pastor, wherever God leads me to serve. My seminary classes have enabled me to rethink much that I have taken for granted and to grow deeper roots in my own Christian heritage as well as the Scriptures and my walk with God.

There were some challenges transitioning from my undergraduate experience to seminary. The workload increased substantially, which initially caught me off guard. Another challenge was adjusting to a new living situation, which has turned out to be a positive experience.

I am learning to hear other perspectives represented by my fellow students. It is refreshing to see how God graces all of us with the ability to love one another so that our differences become formative for each of us rather than destructive. The professors have been excellent facilitators for these conversations.

Xen Riggs
BA 2008, Anderson University
Double-major in Church Music and Christian Ministries
Current student, Anderson University School of Theology