Anderson, Indiana

Alumni Info

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Alumni Info

“While studying interpersonal relationships in my psychology courses, I became an interpersonal trainer, teaching interpersonal and assertiveness skills to my peers in the classroom. As a student, I was also given the opportunity to train people off campus, such as elementary students, Girl Scouts, and people at conferences, and teach them the same interpersonal skills I learned in my psych classes. I’m currently a case manager for children and adolescents at a behavioral health center. I train my clients in interpersonal and assertiveness skills, daily utilizing the different techniques and role plays I learned and trained for at Anderson University.”
- Michael Heckendorn BA ’12

Some Highlights

  • The department offers an excellent bio-psychology lab, a rarity among smaller Christian schools, but an important preparation for graduate work.
  • Integration of psychology and Christianity is the hallmark of the department, and two professors have authored their own textbook in this area.
  • The faculty includes a licensed counseling psychologist who practices on a limited basis. Students benefit from his practical application and sharpened skills.
  • AU’s top psychology students are competitive on a national level, scoring in the top 10 percent in the psychology portion of the Graduate Record Exam.
  • The department fosters collaboration in research activities.

Unique Opportunities

Department of Psychology faculty members have led Tri-S trips to Austria and Germany.

Graduate Schools

Anderson University School of Theology
Ball State University
Bowling Green State University
Duke Divinity School
Emory University
George Mason University
Kansas State University
Loyola University of Chicago
Miami University (Ohio)
Northern Illinois University
Princeton Theological Seminary
Purdue University
Rutgers University
Southern Illinois University
University of Akron
University of Alabama
University of Cincinnati
University of Dayton
University of Houston
University of Illinois
University of Indianapolis
University of Memphis
University of Santa Clara
University of Southern Mississippi
Vanderbilt Divinity School
Western Kentucky University
Wheaton College
Wichita State University
Wright State University


Alpha Pregnancy Care Center
Behavior Consultation Services
Clinical social worker
CNR Clinic of Community Hospitals of Indianapolis
Counseling Services at Casper College
Crossroads Rehabilitation Center
George Mason University
Madison County Detention Center
Neuro-Rehab Unit at the University of Cincinnati
Noble Centers of Indianapolis
Qualified Mental Retardation Professionals
SBA Communication Corporation
St. Vincent’s Hospital Center for the Disabled
The Mental Health Center, Anderson
The U.S. military
Triple L Youth Center
Various private practices around the country