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Why Choose AU for Religious Studies

Fri, 2013-01-18 09:47 -- univcomm

Why Choose AU for Religious Studies

As a church-related, liberal arts institution, AU empowers students to explore their calling in a challenging academic setting that values faith. That is true whether they are preparing for ordination, lay ministry, seminary, graduate study, or some other form of service. Whether they have grown up in the church or are only beginning to explore matters of faith, they are free to probe religious questions as carefully — and as passionately — as someone would examine questions in other academic disciplines.

The shared departmental core allows students to interact with students from other departmental majors and engage in the academic study of religion and the critical study of scripture together. The Department of Religious Studies offers majors that can stand alone or be completed along with other university majors and minors. Students can explore deep questions even they complete programs in other areas.

The Christian ministries and youth ministries majors provide opportunities for substantial preparation for service in a variety of ministry contexts. The biblical studies major allows students to prepare either for graduate study or for preaching and teaching ministries. The Bible and religion major is beneficial to those preparing for further study or for those who want to explore further important questions of faith and life.

Outside of the classroom, the Anderson University Center for Ministry Education (AUCME) provides opportunities for students interested in professional ministry to go out in student teams to lead worship at other churches. The Tri-S program (Study, Serve, Share) takes students into other cultures and shows them the practical aspects of mission work. The history and background of the Bible have also been explored on recent trips to Greece and the Middle East. Closer to campus, students can engage in ministry with the homeless, the elderly, at-risk children, juvenile inmates, and other university neighbors in need through the AU Office of Spiritual Life.