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About the Sociology Program

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About the Sociology Program

The field of sociology can be defined as the scientific study of society and groups, how we as individuals interact and learn the ways of our culture, and how we internalize our society. The sociology major provides students with the knowledge and skills to assess the cultural factors impacting human attitudes, actions, and opportunities. Students at AU may choose to immerse themselves into a weekend or semester of study at the Chicago Center, a program dedicated to studying urban life and problems. Because it is important to understand the structure and dynamics of society and its connection to individual perceptions and experiences, the field of sociology is an excellent primary or secondary major. The course work prepares students for entry level positions, as well as graduate studies, leading to careers in social services, corrections, business, public service, urban planning, research, academia, law, and international relations.

Why choose AU for Sociology?

First-year students can easily explore their interest in sociology by taking courses that fulfill liberal arts requirements and at the same time meet requirements in the sociology major. The sociology faculty have diverse areas of specialization and research interests, demonstrating how rich and broad the discipline is. As majors move into upper-division courses, classes are generally small and taught in seminar formats, maximizing the interaction between the faculty and students. This personal connection with faculty facilitates career and graduate school advising from experts in the field.

“As a security analyst, I appreciate the sociological insights and research methods that better equip me to comprehend the micro and macro factors in my job. I would recommend Anderson University’s sociology program to anyone interested in further understanding the capacity of contribution that an individual can have on any social structure.”
- Ray Lyngdoh BA ’08