Anderson, Indiana

Core Courses

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TeachScience Complementary Major (30 hours)

The following classes are required for the TeachScience Complementary Major. For full requirements and course descriptions, please see the Anderson University Undergraduate Catalog.

  • EDUC 2000: Teaching as a Profession
  • EDUC 3000: Teaching Literacy Skills in Middle and High School Content Areas
  • EDUC 3120: Educational Assessment for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDUC 4010: Student Teaching
  • EDUC 4710: Management, Organization, and Methods in the Secondary Classroom
  • EDUC 4930: Leadership Seminar in Character Education
  • SPED 2400: Introduction to Mild Disabilities
  • BIOL/CHEM/PHYS 2700: Science Teaching Methods I
  • Majors are strongly encouraged to take ENGL 1400 for meeting Liberal Arts Individual Thought and Behavior requirements and are required to take EDUC 2110 for meeting the second part of the Liberal Arts Thought and Behavior requirements.
  • Majors are strongly encouraged to take HIST 2110 or 2120 for meeting Liberal Arts History requirement.
  • Majors are required to take TESL 3500 for meeting Liberal Arts Complementary Upper-Division requirement.