Raven 101 Placement Exams

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Placement Exams

To ensure that you are placed in appropriate courses, all new freshmen and transfer students may be required to take placement exams prior to scheduling classes for the fall semester, depending on academic records and/or (potential) transfer credits.

Math and foreign language placement exams will be given on campus during your RAVEN 101 date.

A speech communication exam option is administered online and can be completed after your RAVEN 101 day. 

More information on each of these exams is available at AccessAU.

Placement Test Information:

MATH Placement Exam: (taken during RAVEN 101 for those who have not met Math Proficiency with appropriate incoming SAT/ACT math score)
The math placement exam determines whether a student must enroll in a basic algebra course before pursuing a class in the Quantitative Reasoning area of the Liberal Arts Program. This exam will be administered during your RAVEN 101 experience. You will have 30 minutes to complete the 35-question, multiple-choice exam, comparable to the level of first-year high school algebra. Calculators are not permitted. It will be to your advantage to review your knowledge of algebra and arithmetic prior to the exam.

View sample Math placement exam questions.

(taken during RAVEN 101 for those required to take a placement exam in French, Spanish, or German.)

The Liberal Arts Curriculum at Anderson University requires that all students reach proficiency in a foreign language. Placement in foreign language is based on high school transcripts and/or a placement exam process, as follows:

  • Students who have completed two years or less of French, German, or Spanish in high school will be placed at the 1010 level.
  • Students who have completed three years of French, German, or Spanish in high school will be placed at the 1020 level.
  • Students who have completed four or more years of French, German, or Spanish in high school must take the foreign language placement exam during RAVEN 101.
  • All placements will be evaluated by the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures during the first two weeks of classes. Adjustments will be made if necessary.

Students who are native speakers of a language other than English may complete this requirement by taking FLAN 2000. Students should consult with their advisor to determine which courses to take to fulfill the requirements of the Liberal Arts Curriculum.

Click here for information on the Foreign Language Placement Exams.

SPEECH COMMUNICATION Placement Exam: (taken after RAVEN 101)
Anderson University requires all students to enroll in a general speech class: Introduction to Speech Communication (COMM 1000). This course is designed to give students the skills they need to be effective communicators. Some students may already have adequate experience and knowledge of speech communication to waive the required course.

The 50-question speech communication placement exam, which is administered online, is designed to identify whether a student has gained the knowledge necessary to waive the required course. Students who successfully complete this first step of the waiver process will be asked at a later date to complete step two, which consists of presenting a speech to Department of Communication and Design Arts faculty and participating in a brief interview.

You will be given information at RAVEN 101 on the on-line, home-based speech placement exam.

WEB PAGE INFORMATION for Online exams:

Log onto https://accessau.anderson.edu/soar/
to get your ID# and links to placement exam information.

AOL users: Establish your Internet connection with AOL, then minimize the AOL window and start Internet Explorer (5.0 or above) from the Windows desktop to be able to take the SPCH placement exam.