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AU Career Development Center (CDC) Is Here to Help Students Succeed

Mon, 2013-10-14 13:54 -- univcomm

AU Career Development Center (CDC) Is Here to Help Students Succeed

Anderson University’s Career Development Center (CDC) serves current students and Alumni by offering a variety of programs, tools, and opportunities to assist in career education and preparation. To some students new to AU, the job search may seem like a far off endeavor; however, we believe students should start early on with the end in mind – the end being graduation day!

Preparation Is Key
Anderson University boasts a 95% placement rate for the graduating class of 2012.  While strong academic programs provide knowledge and experience for students to graduate with confidence, the CDC offers students the tools and opportunities to be prepared for finding that perfect job, graduate school, or internship post-graduation (And landing that job or finding the perfect graduate program is what it’s all about, right?).  Competing for jobs in a tough economic environment takes time and preparation!

Networking Skills Still Matter
The vast majority of jobs landed today result from networking with professionals in the desired field or industry.  In addition to hosting Career Fairs that allow students to have face-to-face interactions with professionals in their chosen field, the CDC collaborates with the Alumni Office to facilitate opportunities for students to connect with professional Alumni around the country.  AU’s Alumni are an excellent resource for students to learn from seasoned professionals- Ravens love to help Ravens succeed!

Social Media Is Here to Stay
Like it or not, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is now a key part of the career search process and can help students to create a “personal brand” to market themselves.  Open positions are advertised and shared via social networks, and employers do extensive research on potential employees to further discover their credibility, personality, style, and expertise that goes beyond the resume. Students should be mindful to avoid posting negative or inappropriate material on their social networks. The Career Development Center encourages students and parents to follow CDC on Facebook and Twitter, where valuable information is often (but not too often!) sent out regarding open positions, up-to-date career information, opportunities to access our tools for success, and ways to best utilize social networking in the job search.

CDC Services
While Anderson University offers boundless opportunities for students to acquire experience and build a well-rounded and impressive academic and professional portfolio, the additional services offered by the CDC will empower students to develop and implement a comprehensive career plan throughout their academic experience starting the first year they arrive on campus.  A few of the services offered by the CDC include:

  • Online tools for self-assessment (work interests, personality type, value set, etc.) and industry research – think “who am I?” and “What’s out there?”
  • Online resume builder to create and/or update professional resume
  • Interviewing skills preparation and practice, including optional video-taped practice sessions with career advisor feedback
  • Career fairs
  • On-campus recruiting employer visits
  • In-class career presentations
  • Drop-in hours for easy access to a Career Advisor for those quick questions
  • Career-related workshops in the Residence Halls to take career programming directly to students where they live

The Career Development Center is located on the second floor of Decker Hall (Decker 213).  We are part of the Department of Student Life because we believe that career preparation and planning should be an integral part of the overall student experience at Anderson University.  We look forward to serving your students and investing in their future success…it’s sure to be bright!