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AU-East Africa

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AU-East Africa

AU-East Africa is Anderson University's response to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time — the HIV/AIDS pandemic. An estimated 38.6 million people worldwide now live with the disease, and millions more have been impacted.

Sub-Saharan Africa (of which East Africa is included) is at the heart of this devastation with 64 percent of the world's HIV/AIDS cases. Virtually every aspect of society is impacted by and impacts the spread of this disease — from health care, to education, to food production, to industry, to safe-water access, to family life. Because of this reality, a comprehensive and multifaceted response is vital.

The vision of AU-East Africa (AU-EA) is to establish and grow relationships and points of connection between people in the AU community and East Africans who are impacted by AIDS. Our belief is that by enlisting AU students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of interests and expertise and by partnering with existing work in a particular geographic region of the world, our impact will be magnified.

"The desire for action is the AU–EA effort that will include many on our campus becoming aware and many going to the region to try both to learn and to be helpful. Once again, the idealism and devotion of our students, faculty, and staff are showing the character and compassion of this community." –James L. Edwards, president of Anderson University