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Authentic Spirituality

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January, 2002
Dr. Barry L. Callen, eds., Authentic Spirituality: Moving Beyond Mere Religion

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"This book is a clarion call to the church to move beyond both a dead orthodoxy and an amorphous liberalism to a dynamic orthodoxy--a Word united with the Spirit."
--Donald G. Gloesh, emertius, Dubuque Thelological Seminary

"Barry Callen has written a work on Christian spirituality that is both ecumenical in scope and engaging in its conversation. It is informed by the streams of both Scripture and tradition in a way that certainly will attract a wide audience. I highly recommend this work."
--Kenneth J. Collins, Asbury Theological Seminary

"Barry L. Callen has placed us in his debt by this fresh treatment that clarifies the subject and illuminates the path to the experience to which we are summoned in the New Testament. Here is a timely and helpful manual on the truly Christian experience of God in Christ through the Spirit."
--James Earl Massey, dean emeritus, Anderson University

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