Anderson, Indiana

Enriching Mind & Spirit

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May, 2007
Barry L. Callen, Enriching Mind & Spirit: A History of Higher Education in the Church of God (Anderson)

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Here is a comprehensive history of higher education in the Church of God movement, a hardback volume full of color photography, histories of each of the movement's institutions of higher education, a large index, and even a "Who's Who" of the main educational leaders, past and present. Included are all of the schools in North America and the Caribbean, and the ones in Germany, Kenya, and Lebanon. Dedicated to Robert H. Reardon (1919-2007), this book is a treasure house of memories for alumni of these schools and contains all that is needed for a young person in today's congregations to make the right choice of a college or university to attend within the family of Church of God institutions. It is written by Dr. Barry L. Callen, a leader in Church of God higher education since 1973.


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ISBN: 0-9646682-9-7
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