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Four-Year Career Action Plan

The Anderson University Career Development Center (CDC) has programs and resources to assist you in your process of exploring majors, occupations, internship/job opportunities, or applying to graduate school. Here are a few things you can do in each of your years at AU to stay on track to achieve your personal and professional goals!

Freshman Year - Career Exploration

Register on Raven CareerLink (RCL), AU's web-based career resource tool, at

Create a career plan to reflect your academic and career goals. Meet with a Career Advisor who can assist you with this process.

Begin the process of self-assessment and discovery. Complete the career exploration assessments found on the CDC's website to identify your interests, skills, abilities, personality temperament, and values. The CDC provides these FREE to all AU students. Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor if you need assistance to establish your career goals.

Establish relationships with faculty, administrators, employers, and alumni who can help you with your career planning process. Explore the CDC website to become familiar with the services and resources.

Attend CDC workshops and/or career-related programs to learn about your career options and the career decision-making process.

Engage in campus and/or community organizations. These opportunities enable you to develop leadership, teamwork, and other career-related skills that employers value. 

Strong writing and speaking skills are important to employers, so continue to develop your communication skills. Take advantage of opportunities to participate in activities to help strengthen these skills.

Develop good work habits through part-time work, student employment on campus, internships, or summer jobs.

Begin to build your resume/cover letter using resources found on Raven CareerLink (RCL). Get feedback from one of our Career Advisors or Career Peers.

Talk to faculty about AU's academic programs to find the best fit for your education and career interests. 

Sophomore Year - Career Planning

Continue the process of self-assessment and discovery of your interests, skills, abilities, personality temperament, and values. Be patient - this can be a time consuming process! Contact CDC staff if you have questions.

Explore the many resources available to help guide you as you select a major that meets your goals. Complete the process to declare your major.

Explore careers that match your skills, interests, goals, and values. Consider informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities with AU alums in your field of interest to get first-hand knowledge from industry professionals.

Check the CDC calendar on the CDC website and attend career panel discussions, workshops, career fairs, or on-campus recruiter visits.

Gain career-related work experience through activities, class projects, internships, or work/volunteer experience. Connect with faculty to ask about opportunities to work with them on research projects.

Increase your leadership and organizational skills through active participation in student or community organizations. Become an officer or be responsible for a specific project, event, or program.

Update your resume to reflect additional relevant information. Have resume and cover letter reviewed by a career advisor or career peer in the CDC.

Junior Year - Career Planning

Review your career goals and refine your career plan to reflect any changes.

Start the process of narrowing down your career choices to the ones that interest you the most. Utilize the resources on RCL and the CDC website to research specific jobs or graduate programs related to your career interests.

Continue to build your professional network by connecting with alums, faculty, and/or professional organizations within your field of interest.

Explore internship opportunities related to your career interests. Meet with a Career Advisor if you need assistance with your internship search process. Your goal should be to complete one or more internships or career-related work experiences prior to graduation.

Check out the CDC calendar and/or "Events" tab on Raven CareerLink (RCL) and attend career panels, workshops, career fairs, and/or on-campus recruiter visits.

Continue to update your resume and cover letter - have them reviewed by a Career Advisor or Career Peer at the CDC.

Learn how to ace the interview. Review interview preparation resources on Raven CareerLink and/or schedule a mock interview with a career advisor to practice face-to-face, phone, or Skype interview skills.

Thinking about graduate school? Attend a graduate school information session in the fall or spring of your junior year to learn how the graduate school application process works. Check out the graduate school information tab on the CDC website. 

Senior Year - Career Planning

Review your career goals and refine your career plan to reflect any changes. 

Update your resume and cover letter to clearly reflect your knowledge, skills, and value to prospective employers. Remember to customize your resume and cover letter for each position to which you apply. Have them reviewed by a Career Advisor or Career Peer at the CDC.

Refine your interviewing skills by utilizing the interviewing tools available on the RCL website. Participate in a mock interview session - practice makes perfect!

Applying to Graduate School

Discuss your application strategy and review your essays and personal statements with faculty and/or a Career Advisor. 

Check deadlines, prepare applications, and secure letters of recommendation from faculty and/or other mentors or those who can speak to your academic abilities and potential in your field of interest.

Research scholarship, fellowship, and graduate assistantship opportunities available to you. Your target academic institution should have this type of information available on their website.

Looking for a Job

Check the CDC calendar and/or “Events” tab on RCL website site and attend career panel discussions, career fairs, and/or on-campus recruiting visits. Apply for positions of interest using customized resumes and cover letters based on your fit for the positions.

Connect with the AU Alumni Office to network with alums in your field of interest, talk about jobs of interest to you, and begin networking with professionals to access employment opportunities or explore your options.