Anderson, Indiana


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anderson University Office of Counseling Services?

We are a service of A.U. and available to all A.U. students. We also see families of students.

What does the Office of Counseling Services offer to students and their families?

The Office of Counseling Services offers many services including individual counseling, referral to community resources, consultation and a variety of groups. We see individuals, couples and families.

Who are the counselors?

This year our Counseling Services staff consists of our three master level staff counselors as well as two doctoral level interns and two master level interns. The staff includes both male and female counselors, and we try to honor any preferences you might have in whom you see.

How confidential is it?

As counselors, we make confidentiality a top priority. All records are kept in our office and are not accessible to anyone else on campus.

What is Counseling Services' approach to counseling?

The Counseling Services' staff takes a holistic developmental approach to counseling and the concerns clients express. Our center seeks to integrate Biblical truth and psychological principles. We care about our clients and feel that the relationship between client and counselor is key in the process of counseling.

Who comes to the Office of Counseling Services?

Those who come to the Office of Counseling Services are students who want to grow and learn more about themselves, their relationships with others and their relationship with God. Clients come with a wide variety of concerns including depression and anxiety.

Where is the Office of Counseling Services located?

We are located in Morrison House with the Spiritual Life Offices. Morrison House is in front of Myers Hall on College Avenue across from the valley.

What are the costs associated with services provided by the Office of Counseling Services?

Currently, university students pay no additional fee for counseling services. If students are referred off campus, they are responsible for fees incurred.

How do I make an appointment?

If you are interested in making an appointment, you can do so by calling 641-4203 and speaking with the Office of Counseling Services' secretary. We are open 8-5 Monday through Friday with some evening hours available.