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Professional Networking

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Professional Networking

Networking (building of professional relationships) is one of the most important activities that you can complete to develop your career goal and to discover employment opportunities.  A network can assist you with developing your career plan by providing valuable information about occupations within various industries.  In addition, a network of contacts can provide job leads on positions that are never advertised to the public.


Looking for a job? There’s something you need to know! You won’t be hired based solely on your résumé; you have to know how to market yourself. AU Alum Kyle Lacy knows how to successfully accomplish this self-branding, and he has shared his knowledge with you!

Learn how to make connections with professionals in your field, and get hired! To see Kyle’s presentation, log on to Raven CareerLink (
AU students and alumni might consider joining a professional association in order to connect with professionals within their field.  Students can typically join a professional association at a discounted rate.  Click here to view a list of professional associations.

Connect with AU alumni in your field of interest and/or desired geographic location to learn about your field of interest. Contact the AU Alumni office at 765-641-4100 to connect with an AU alumni.

AU alumni looking to expand their own business network may consider connecting with the following network groups:

Christian Business Networking Association (Event Calendar)