Anderson, Indiana

Recognizing and Responding

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Recognizing and Responding

The Community Partnership Center provides leadership in problem solving and strategic planning in the community. There are many needs that have been assessed by community and governmental leaders in Madison County and central Indiana. Anderson University through the CPC is committed to being part of a solution to address the issues that exist in the twenty first century as it affects not only the local residents, but the students as well.

The CPC partners with other University departments and ministries to provide leadership and participation in the process of change and progress in central Indiana. This participation takes many forms and is found in many venues ranging from ministry to children of inmates to the development of green initiatives for local businesses.  With the many assess that Anderson University has to offer, the CPC acknowledges and promotes the truth that the campus needs the community as much as the community needs the campus.

The CPC has developed strong and collaborative relationships with the United Way of Madison County and Indiana Campus Compact.  Both of these associations offer strong support and multiple training opportunities for the programs of the CPC and the students on campus. The United Way of Madison County is a collaborative partner in the Mentoring Initiative of Madison County. Indiana Campus Compact offers grant opportunities for the programs of the CPC as well as student led initiatives.