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Anjie and Scott Martin

Anjie Martin


I have been helping students with the college search process as both an admission counselor and as a high school guidance counselor for over 15 years! I’m ready and willing to answer all of your questions about Anderson University, and share a few stories of my own experiences as a student here. I know how hard it is to try and make this decision when you may not even be able to visit the campus, so I am prepared to walk this long road with you.

Educational Background

I graduated in May of 1991, majoring in Political Science with a History minor and emphasis in International studies and Economics. During my time as a student at AU, I was president of Agathos Social Club, in student government, an RA for 3 years in Smith Hall, played intramural basketball, volleyball and soccer and was involved in AUCME, Gospel Choir, Multicultural Student Association, and the International Student Association. I dove in head first and loved my time at AU. I hold a Master’s degree in Education from Anderson University.

Personal Bio

I grew up outside of Kisii Kenya, where my parents were missionary educators. I graduated from Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. When I am not working I love to travel, and be with people from around the world. I still enjoy playing basketball and volleyball, as well as coaching soccer. I try to read some kind of historical novel each month, the more action the better, and I LOVE watching movies and TV. My son is a student at AU, and my wife and I live and work in Indonesia where I am a high school principal.

Favorite Things About AU

I developed relationships with professors that continue way beyond my college days. I never expected that, and not even sure I wanted it, but what a blessing! Of course I love having friends all over the world that I met while at AU. Campus Activities Board (CAB) is awesome at coming up with fun events, usually for free, nearly every weekend. I loved that!

The College Search Process

First of all, you need to know two things. First, there is a great college out there for you. Second, it might not be AU! I hope it is, because it was so special to me and I want everyone to have that same opportunity. The truth is, there are a lot of great schools in the world but I am glad to walk with you through the process to find the right one for you.


Education Background

I graduated from AU in 1993 with a degree in Family Science and a minor in Spanish. Shortly after AU I found a love of technology and went down that path. Prepared by a solid Liberal Arts Education I made the jump to IT becoming a certified trainer then database specialist. I loved my experiences at AU, from intramural volleyball, to Tri-S, from serving as an RA to being a lab assistant; it was a truly enriching experience.

Personal Bio

I grew up in West Virginia, but in a home that was intentionally international. Starting before college I have lived and traveled to over a dozen countries, living the last four years in Indonesia. I love leading worship teams, coaching volleyball, and learning new technology. In addition to helping you with your college search I am currently the IT Director at an International School in Indonesia.

Favorite Things About AU

The faculty were truly inspirational for me. I went through a lot during my college years and the faculty and staff were so supportive and caring. And of course the friends I made. Finally, Tri-S is an amazing opportunity, and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.

The College Search Advice

Relax and let people help! Ask lots of questions, and enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and learn about new places. Most importantly learn about yourself in the process as you seek to find a college that fits you!

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