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International Student Association - ISA

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The International Student Association

The International Student Association is a critical part of linking the 69 international Students from 25 countries to each other and the larger campus. Whether performing in Chapel, hosting a dinner, putting on a dance, watching an international film or just hanging out at the directors home, ISA creates space for International students to find themselves, be comfortable, and share their experiences.

 International Student Association

Annual events include:

  • International Dinner
  • Heritage Month
  • Heritage Dinner
  • International Chapel
  • Christmas around the World

More about ISA

Who are the International Students?

"International Students," for our purpose at Anderson University, refers to those students who enrich our campus with a unique background associated with someplace other than the US. These are really two groups. The first is the MK/TCK—persons who grew up in a country/culture other than that of their parents. This might be an American growing up in Kenya or a Nigerian growing up in the US.

The second group is perhaps more obvious. It is defined by those who have left their home culture/country to come to the US in pursuit of a degree.

What is your mission?

The Mission of the Department of Student Life, in part, is to help students access and benefit from, what is often called “the Anderson experience”. The University's mission is, in part, to prepare students for service to the church and community. Our role in each of these missions is to ensure that ALL students have access and that students are prepared to serve the whole church and each part of our community.

What do you do?

Everyone has a role in this experience...alumni, students, parents , pastors, friends and family. Each of us contribute to making sure that all persons, in the end are respected, and have the opportunity to make a contribution. Contact our office for specific ways you might be involved.

What about me?

For some students we are a haven; a place to talk about issues and events that make people uncomfortable. For others we are a place where students are challenged and empowered to take control of those circumstances around them that have them feeling defeated. We are a gathering place. We help create opportunities for persons to interact with others with similar stories, and to support each other. We help students and others, from all backgrounds, learn about each other so that we can enjoy each other more fully. For some we are a mentor, advisor, trainer, or cheerleader. Quite simply, we want students to be more than they thought possible... so we do more!