Anderson, Indiana


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Soo Jung (Christy) ParkSoo Jung (Christy) Park | South Korea / Indonesia
Elementary Education | AU 2015

I recommend Anderson University to international students because it is a school that has enough international students to not feel left out, a lot of American students to experience America in general, and enough academic rigors to succeed in learning.



Joshua Mlay

Joshua Mlay | Moshi, Tanzania
Political Science / Sociology | AU 2012

As an international student, it is a difficult process adjusting to a different culture and environment. At Anderson University, I found a community that was dedicated to making my transition as smooth as possible.

Fruzsi Martonffy | HungaryFruzsi Martonffy
Physical Education | AU 2012

Attending Anderson University has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I cannot begin to count the memorable experiences I have gained through the years.  It is said that your college years are some of the best years of your life.  I never understood what that meant until now.  Anderson University has given me more than I have asked for emotionally, socially and physically.


Kondwani Kingsley Kantande | Malawi
Global Business Management | AU 2013

My favorite experiences as an international student at Anderson University have included being involved with football (soccer), a social club and also sharing my international cultures with friends and people who have not traveled outside the United States.

Latoya FrancisLatoya Francis | Cayman Islands
Accounting & Youth Leadership Development with Nonprofit Leadership | AU 2012

My experience at Anderson University has been one of great wonder and growth. The degree of diversity has led me to discover my purpose in life and the vast amount of guidance on campus has made my time here well spent.