Anderson, Indiana

MOSAIC Committee

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MOSAIC Committee

At Anderson University, diversity means far more than the events of a day or month of convocations and formal discussions. Diversity is an important part of AU’s heritage and mission and must be nurtured daily. We seek, as believers, to reach beyond the status quo by becoming a community unlike any other; one that fully embraces persons of all races and cultures. Our student body is blessed with American students of many different ethnic backgrounds and over 80 international students representing approximately 40 different countries. With this diversity, we recognize we have been given an opportunity to journey together toward understanding. This journey is both a blessing and responsibility.

The strategic plan for the university includes an objective to expand the diversity of the campus. Charged with bringing this objective to life, the university MOSAIC committee, composed of members of the student body, faculty and staff, meet monthly to discuss current diversity issues on campus and to take action on accomplishing the many objectives found in their purpose statement. Minutes of the committee’s meetings are made available along with surveys of faculty, staff and student assessments. 

The committee has brought together a bibliography of resources for campus reference.  Most recently, a process for receiving incident reports and bringing reconciliation to persons involved has been developed. Another important part of the committee’s purpose is to identify and provide educational opportunities to the campus. These events that contribute to expanding and promoting diversity at AU can be found online. 

Each day, the campus lives out its mission to be a place of academic and Christian discovery. Along the way, we must be brave enough to take small steps toward understanding others while remembering that ours is just one story in the bigger history of our diverse world. It is our hope you will join us on this journey toward making Anderson University a place where all persons know they are welcome and embraced in the spirit of our Lord.