Anderson, Indiana


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Mosaic Award

The MOSAIC Team at Anderson University established the MOSAIC award in 2012 to recognize individuals within the university who embody the ideal of “modeling and promoting a work-learning environment in which all persons feel welcomed and affirmed on the journey toward intercultural competence.”

Award Criteria
The ideal award recipient will be a person who has demonstrated their commitment to intercultural competency in ways that include, but are not limited to:

  • Intentionally fostering the values of diversity and racial harmony which are so deeply rooted in the history and theology of Anderson University and the Church of God.
  • Extending hospitality by interacting in meaningful ways with persons (students, faculty, and/or staff) whose lives have been shaped by cultures different from their own.
  • Engaging in scholarship or professional development that will be helpful in educating the campus community on issues of reconciliation, cross-cultural teaching and learning, and/or racial justice.
  • Serving as an advocate and change agent for marginalized communities.
  • Challenging individuals to recognize automatic assumptions, perceptions, and stereotypes about people with different cultural worldviews.

2013 MOSAIC Award Recipient

In the 12 years since he joined the AU staff, Dr. Stuart Erny has consistently been involved with students who come from diverse backgrounds or hold diverse perspectives. [Photo: Dr. Stuart Erny and Dr. Brent Baker.]

"This comes somewhat naturally through his experiences as an MK raised in Taiwan and his own two years of service, along with his wife Christine, as missionaries with the organization Word Made Flesh," said Dr. Brent Baker, vice president for student affairs.

Erny has served in a variety of roles on campus, including co-founding and leading AU-East Africa efforts, serving on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration Committee, serving as a mentor to freshman football players who are young men of color, and providing friendship and advocacy to many students in need of acceptance, assistance, and faith-focused conversation. In his role as director of campus ministries, Erny works to provide a variety of service opportunities for students. This fall he will assume co-leadership of the PACT program, along with Dr. Dan Allen.