Anderson, Indiana

Dean Branson

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Dean Branson, Dean of Students

My name is Dean Branson and I work in the department of student life at Anderson University. I have lived a life of privilege. Being white, male, middle class, and born into a highly educated middle class family I have benefited from opportunities that I did not even know existed. As I have been able to interact with those who are different from myself in gender, ethnicity, race (religion, sexual orientation, physical as well as mental abilities) I have come to realize that how I see the world and interact with it is not the same for everyone. By learning about other cultures and appreciating the diversity of God's creation my life has been enriched. It hasn't always been an easy process, but the reward is far greater than the uncomfortable feelings that have to be dealt with.

My hope is that through my work on the MOSAIC committee I can help those who have not considered the value of living in a diverse world to considers God's creation from perspectives, ideals and cultures other than their own.

Phone: (765) 641-4219