Anderson, Indiana


Wed, 2012-07-25 09:02 -- univcomm

Mosaic 2011-2016 Goals

The following goals serve as a guide post for our work as a campus and committee:
  1. Create an inter-culturally competent campus transformed by, and with a generous spirit toward, people from diverse cultural groups, races, socio-economic backgrounds, political opinions, and religious experiences. Curriculum Related Goal
  2. Increase the number of ethnically/culturally diverse faculty and staff through intentional recruitment and retention programs; complete one year of orientation to intercultural competency of all faculty and staff. Human Resource Related Goal
  3. Increase the number of ethnically/culturally diverse and inter-culturally competent students through intentional recruitment, orientation, teaching, experiential learning, all leading to retention and graduation. Student Affairs Related Goal
  4. Integrate the diverse heritage of the university and church into major points of internal and external corporate communication and inform constituents of diversity opportunities, issues, and updates. Communication Related Goal
  5. Evaluate how our diversity effort is coordinated and structured and present any recommendation for change to senior leadership for consideration and decision. Structural Goal
  6. Develop and implement an intentional activity plan specifically focused on cultivating and/or improving relationships with CHOG minority representative groups, key congregations, and leadership. Community Relationship Related Goal