Anderson, Indiana

Audrey Weiger

Mon, 2013-07-08 09:00 -- univcomm

Audrey Weiger, Assistant Director of Admissions

In my time at Anderson University, first as a student, then as a staff member, I have learned that the whole picture doesn't become clear without our many and varied perspectives. Each voice is unique and important. I believe that God wants wholeness for each of us, and sometimes that means getting outside of yourself to see another person's perspective. My personal mission statement is to "create space for others to see themselves in light of God's grace." We all need Christ's grace desperately. And because we've received Christ's grace, we have the blessing of extending grace to those around us, whether to see things from someone else's point of view, or to simply start by realizing ours is not the only perspective.

I hope that our work on the MOSAIC committee helps each of us and those on our campus to put on someone else's glasses, take a look around, and see the world as that person sees it. Then, perhaps, we'll be able to see the world more clearly as God sees it.

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