Neidert leads Center for Christian Leadership

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  Date:  7/24/2000

  Title:  Neidert leads Center for Christian Leadership

Anderson University recently named David Neidert as the director of the Center for Christian Leadership based at Anderson University’s School of Theology. The center’s primary role will be to provide opportunities for biblical and ministerial continuing education through courses and ongoing activities. The Center for Christian Leadership is an expanded program assisting both pastors and church leaders within a local congregation.

The center incorporates the nearly 25-year-old Center for Pastoral Studies focused mainly on continuing education for the pastor. The newly broadened concept of the Center for Christian Leadership will offer courses that encourage professional growth for pastors, as well as personal growth for lay leadership, teachers and those seeking Christian spiritual development.

“The center is in a time of recreation and rejuvenation,” said Neidert. “The primary focus over the past two decades has been providing continuing education for those in pastoral ministry. The expanded Center will maintain that foundational ministerial program, while creating new study tracks for individuals or church leaders to enhance their personal growth and effectiveness in working with their own churches.”

The center offers a core study program that grants Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ministers or lay persons interested in pastoral or biblical studies. A student of the center receives a certification in one of three study tracks upon the completion of 50 C.E.U.’s. The three study tracks available or currently under design are ministerial, biblical and church leadership focused. While this program does not grant a college degree, it does maintain an ongoing transcript for each student enrolled in the center.

“The center’s newly expanded format is solidly based in materials written by Anderson University School of Theology and Religious Studies’ faculty,” Neidert explained. “It is the center’s desire to share these solid teachings about the Bible and faith development with a wider church audience. It is also our deepest hope to create additional courses that help equip people for service in their local church or in their personal lives.”

Neidert brings a wide expertise to this new assignment because of his public speaking, business background, teaching assignments and writing. Neidert has been teaching at the university level since 1987 in areas of ancient history, Bible and in business management. As a speaker, he has presented over 100 seminars and addresses on leadership for both community and national programs.

He is also the author of a nationally distributed 1999 book, Four Seasons of Leadership (Executive Excellence Publishing). Additionally, he has authored over 40 nationally published articles on leadership and service. Neidert also serves Anderson University as the director of the Gustav Jeeninga Museum of Bible and Near Eastern Studies located on the campus.

Neidert received a Bachelor of Arts in 1977 from Anderson University and a Master of Arts in Religion from the Anderson University School of Theology in 1987. In 1990, Neidert received a certification in management from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA). Neidert moves into this new capacity with Anderson University after 21 years of service in the business operations of the institution.

For more details about enrolling as a student in the Center for Christian Leadership or learning about its course offerings, contact the Center at (765) 641-4533 or (765) 641-4526; e-mail the center at or For information about the School of Theology, contact Dr. Chris Accornero at 765-641-4534.