AU's Dr. Radaker takes Thoreau on the road

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   Date: 5/7/2001

   Title: AU’s Dr. Radaker takes Thoreau on the road

This summer, Dr. Kevin Radaker, chair of Anderson University's English department, will present his dramatic portrayal of Henry David Thoreau as a part of two separate Chautauqua tours in the Carolinas and New Hampshire. Thoreau will be one of several historical personalities presented during the summer tour.

As part of the National Chautauqua Tour, Professor Radaker will present Thoreau in a dialogue with Louisa May Alcott on the evening of Tuesday, June 19, in Greenville, South Carolina, and on the evening of Wednesday, June 20, in Asheville, North Carolina. For more information, including information on adult and children's workshops during the tour's six-day residence in the region, contact George Frein, Director of the National Chautauqua Tour, at

As part of the New Hampshire Chautauqua tour, Professor Radaker will present his portrayal of Thoreau as one of several important environmental voices from American history, including the voices of Teddy Roosevelt, Rachel Carson, and John James Audubon. During this 8-day tour of New Hampshire from July 25 to August 1, the scholar-actors of the troupe will visit the towns of Keene, Hanover, and Portsmouth. For information on exact times and locations of Kevin Radaker's performances and workshops, as well as the schedules for all of the other performers, contact Debbie Watrous of the New Hampshire Humanities Council at

To learn more about Dr. Kevin Radaker's dramatic portrayal of Thoreau, which he has presented over 250 times throughout the United States since 1991, you may wish to visit his website at