AU honors couples during Heritage Dinner

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   Date: 6/19/2001

   Title: AU honors couples during Heritage Dinner

Anderson University gave its prestigious Heritage Awards to two couples who have devoted their lifetimes to the betterment of the institution and the community. Wilbur and Lillian Roby and Dr. Robert and Dorothy Nicholson were presented the honor at the Heritage 2001 dinner at Olt Student Center. "The story of Anderson University has continued for nearly 85 years because of the support and encouragement of dedicated friends,” said Ron Moore, AU senior vice president.

“Anderson University is especially fortunate to have made many of these friendships within the Anderson community,” added Moore. “Among these friends are Wilbur and Lillian Roby, who have shared their time and financial resources with Anderson University for over four decades.”

The Anderson community knows Wilbur Roby for his many years at Anderson Banking Company, including serving as chief executive officer, as well as his involvement in organizations and on the board of St. John's Health System. The Wilbur S. Roby Medical Office Building was named in his honor there.

Mrs. Roby stayed busy raising their family, as well as doing volunteer work, such as at St. John's. She worked beside her husband in many community projects.

The Robys also have supported AU with time and money. For some 20 years, Mr. Roby represented AU on the Board of Governors of Associated Colleges of Indiana, now the Independent Colleges of Indiana Foundation.

"Mr. and Mrs. Roby have been great examples to their children, grandchildren and the community. We thank them for including Anderson University in their lives and are honored to present them with a 2001 Heritage Award," Moore said.

Moore then turned to the Nicholsons and honored them for a lifetime spent in education.

Dr. Robert Nicholson is a former professor, dean and president of AU, while his wife is an author and teacher to children in the Church of God. They retired in 1990 but remain active in the community. Dr. Nicholson has focused on helping non-profit groups in the Anderson community.

"The contributions Dr. and Mrs. Nicholson have made to Anderson University, the Church of God and the community will not be forgotten. Their devotion to students -- whether preschool or college aged -- has been an inspiration," Moore said.

Dr. Nicholson also will be remembered through The Robert A. Nicholson University Library that was named in his honor in 1989.

Family is of utmost importance to the Nicholsons, who had several family members in attendance at the Heritage Dinner. In addition to the honor, they were celebrating their 57th anniversary at the dinner.

Dr. Nicholson expressed his appreciation for the award, stating that it was difficult to capture the meaning of his years at AU in words. He spoke of the "richness of the family here,'' gesturing to his AU family in the audience.

Speakers at the dinner also included recent AU graduate Kevin Lee Smith, who is on his way to the Indiana University School of Medicine. His presentation focused on how much students' lives are impacted by the money given to support the university.

Smith explained he was told by IU that he was exactly "the kind of student they were looking for."

But, if not for what AU gave him, he would not have fit that description, he told the many AU donors in the audience. In addition to scholarship support from AU, he also was able to work in Mother Teresa's missions in India, have an internship at the University of Chicago and attend a medical conference at Cornell University.

---Janice Chavers is the Content Editor for the Anderson Herald-Bulletin .